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Anyone who has the smallest bit of interest in history can easily fall in love with the mining city of Butte, The Hotel Finlen, located on Broadway Street in uptown has its own history-rich story to tell. In 1924, the 9-story hotel with 250 rooms opened its doors. It was designed in a similar style to the Hotel Astor in New York City and has been a center of commerce and culture ever since.

Stockman Bank: Hotel Finlen Interior

Hotel Finlen Interior

In the 1950s, a motor inn was added to the complex and today, the Hotel Finlen is one of the most unique and interesting historic hotels in the second largest Historic Landmark District in the country. It has been regarded as one of the grandest hotels in the region and hosted notable figures and dignitaries including John F Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Richard Nixon, and Charles Lindbergh.

Stockman Bank: Hotel Finlen Exterior

Hotel Finlen Exterior

In 2018, the Hotel was purchased by a group with expertise in hospitality and real estate. Over the years the property was adapted to include apartments and office space. According to JJ Adams, one of the Finlen’s owners, owning the Finlen was the chance for a great business opportunity and a great building in a great town. Since taking over ownership they have more than doubled the number of events hosted at the hotel and grown the lodging business.

The group has made many improvements to the hotel including adding a 50 kilowatt solar array which offsets 20% of the buildings power consumption, adding new beds and bedding and improving all sorts of other amenities.

Stockman Bank: Hotel Finlen Room

Hotel Finlen Guest Room

For beer enthusiasts they added what Adams called the “Smooth Hopperator” in the hotels Cavalier Lounge. The Hopperator can infuse ordinary beer with distinctive flavors, and they have enjoyed experimenting with things like Madagascar vanilla beans and cream ale, fresh hops, licorice, pomegranate seeds, strawberries and cream ale and basil and lemon. The Hopperator is the only one of its’ kind in the United States.

Stockman Bank: Hotel Finlen Smooth Hopperator

The famous Hopperator

Currently the Cavaliar Lounge is open to the public on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the hotel is taking reservations on a limited basis to ensure the safety of its’ guests.

We are pleased to support business throughout Montana and we share this video about the Hotel Finlen. Enjoy!

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