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Ashley Glantz, HR Recruiting Officer

Turning an internship into a career!

If you or someone you know is looking for a paid internship with a high placement rate, that builds confidence, and skills; make us your first choice!

What is the right internship?

Choosing the right internship is a tough decision. For a student nearing the end of their junior year in college, it’s only natural to start thinking about the next step towards adulthood, and paying off all those student loans. We love helping young adults obtain real life experience in their field of study.

Internships over the years have included:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Wealth Management
Paul Eayrs

Paul Eayrs, Ag Loan Officer, Glendive

Paul Eayrs: Intern 2017

I was a Finance major at MSU. When I interviewed for my internship, I told the Senior Credit Officer in charge of the internship I was applying for that I really wanted to specialize in Ag Banking. They sent me to Great Falls to work with the Market President.

We worked through many of the policies and I was able to get experience with credit analysis for commercial and agricultural. I also went on farm visits and met customers. My internship turned into a job at Credit Administration in Miles City, and eventually my current job as an Ag Loan Officer in Glendive. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

Cody Walk

Cody Walk, Credit Analyst, Billlings

Cody Walk: Intern 2017

I began my internship with the bank during the final semester of my senior year. I was taking 18 credits at the time, so my school schedule was fairly busy. Stockman was extremely flexible and allowed me to work two days per week for 4-5 hours each day. My degree was in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, however, I interned with the Marketing Department.

Going from my Managerial Accounting class at Rocky, then heading to the bank to learn about Photoshop and other Marketing tools was a great learning experience and opened my eyes to what the professional world was like. Upon graduation, I was hired on full-time in the Marketing department. After about a year, it was time to transition into the Commercial Loan Department where I am now a Credit Analyst.

None of it would have been possible without the opportunity to intern during school. I highly recommend an internship at the bank to anyone who is unsure of what they want to do after school, or who wants to get their foot in the door and start their professional career on the right path.

Andrea Fairchild

Andrea Fairchild, Credit Analyst, Bozeman

Andrea Fairchild: Intern 2018

I started with Stockman two years ago as a part-time teller. I learned about the Community Banking Program at MSU from my business professors, and then attended an informational event where bankers around the state described their internship programs.

After being accepted to Stockman’s credit administration internship program, I moved to Miles City for the summer. Here I learned basic commercial and consumer credit analysis, along with many other banking skills, from our Senior Credit Officer. After my internship, I returned to Bozeman to be a part-time credit analyst while finishing school. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting in May 2019 and have been a full time Credit Analyst since!

Sabrina Winger

Sabrina Winger, Credit Review Officer, Billings

Sabrina Winger: Intern 2018

My advisor encouraged me to apply for a Stockman internship in hopes of encouraging more Agricultural Business students to pursue careers in community banking. After speaking with several banks across the state, I knew that Stockman Bank was the place for me. The internship provided an excellent foundation for a variety of different banking roles and has been essential in driving my banking career.

Following my internship, I returned to Bozeman for my senior year of college and continued on with Stockman Bank as a part-time Credit Analyst at the Belgrade branch. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Economics in May 2019, I continued on as a full-time Credit Analyst. Since then, I’ve been promoted to Credit Review Officer and I travel around the state visiting our banks with the Credit Review team.

Alex Canellopoulos

Alex Canellopoulos, Credit Analyst, Missoula

Alex Canellopoulos: Intern 2019

One year ago, I heard about the Stockman Bank internship from the career development center at the University of Montana. After graduating with a degree in finance, I started working as an intern at the Missoula branch downtown.

During my internship, I learned about the operations of the bank from many different perspectives. I worked with tellers, bankers, lenders, and the wealth management department. The internship gave me a good overview of how the different roles impact the bank and the customer experience.

After the internship, I started working as a credit analyst implementing the knowledge I learned during my internship and throughout college. Stockman is a great place to work. You are constantly surrounded by knowledgeable, passionate and friendly people.

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