May Is Graduation Month in Marketing

The month of May is a time to celebrate: beginning of spring, the end of the school year, and of course graduation. The Stockman Marketing Department realized that collectively, we have five graduates this month, including one of our own. From preschool to college and stops in between, there is so much to celebrate. We wish all graduates across the state a bright future.

Peggy & Tanna – College

We begin with Tanna, the Digital Media Coordinator who graduated as a non-traditional student from MSU-Billings on May 4th. Her proud mom, Peggy, wrote a few words and all of us couldn’t be happier for this wonderful, young woman we work with every day!

My heart is full of pride for my daughter, Tanna, who just graduated from MSU-Billings on May 4th. Tanna chose to be a non-traditional student. She began her full-time banking career at the age of 18 as a teller. She has worked hard to reach goals, advancing her career steadily, while completing online courses and taking night classes after a full day of work. She has sacrificed weekends and evenings to not only pass her classes but to excel in them. Every bump in her pathway she hit head on without slowing down.

In addition to work and school, Tanna has also volunteered for community service, including being a CASA representative. Tanna’s journey to graduation has taken her a bit longer than a conventional full-time student, but I’m proud to say that she is graduating debt free and on a strong career path!

Tanna and her Mom

Julia & Siobhan – College

Julia, our Digital Media Manager, is thrilled to have her youngest graduating from college. Life without a college student will be an exciting new chapter in her life with hopes of travel on the horizon.

Our daughter, Siobhan, is graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. She has embraced these past four years with gusto! She participated on the PLU crew as a four year varsity rower and will be attending the NCAA Rowing Championship in June. Travel has been an important part of Siobhan’s college experience which has included studying in six countries. When she walks across the stage as a Magna Cum Laude graduate at the end of this month, my husband and I will undoubtedly be the proudest parents in the arena.

Siobhan Outside Siobhan's Crew

Cindy & Maggie – High School

Cindy, Director of Marketing, will be celebrating high school graduation along with all the festivities like the all night grad party, summer orientation, and packing for the dorms.

My daughter, Maggie, is graduating from Billings Central Catholic High School. She is getting ready to move on to Boise State University, made possible by an academic scholarship she worked very hard to achieve. I am so proud of her and so excited for her. She’ll experience so many new things, from a new city, to new friends and new adventures. It will also be new for her Dad and me since Maggie is our youngest child. 

All of a sudden, our life and home will be much quieter. Maggie is ready for all of it and can’t wait to start this new chapter of her life. As for her Dad and me? Well, we can’t quite believe we are at this place in our lives, but I’m sure we will figure it out!

Maggie Lyle Maggie Lyle

Emily & Claire – Kindergarten

Emily, Marketing Officer for the eastern banks, is excited to see her darling daughter graduate from Kindergarten, who will be off to first grade sooner than you can believe.

My daughter, Claire, is graduating from Kindergarten. I am a very proud Momma of my brave little girl. This past school year has consisted of many “firsts” for us. From the very first day of school to her first big test, first time to check out a library book, first field trip, first Christmas program, first “spring break”, and now Kindergarten graduation just around the corner, I couldn’t be happier for her and what she has accomplished this year.

Kindergarten graduation may seem a little silly to some people, but I really think it’s a neat milestone to recognize this accomplishment in these small children’s’ lives and show them how proud we are.

Claire - 1st day of Kindergarten Claire - T-Ball with Bat

Mindy & Isaiah – Preschool

Mindy, Marketing Officer for the western banks, will be experiencing her very first child’s graduation from preschool.

Our son, Isaiah, is graduating from preschool at Missoula Early Learning Center. He is beyond excited to start Kindergarten. We are fortunate – he has a passion for learning. He is an artist and can spend hours drawing and creating. He is interested in science, how the human body works and definitely does not want to travel anywhere that there is a volcano. He is looking forward to being old enough to own his first airplane and would like to be a pilot or maybe a fire fighter.

When you have a child, everyone tells you to treasure every moment because they grow so fast. I can’t believe Isaiah will soon be starting Kindergarten. We are so proud of the kind soul that he is becoming and hope that he continues to have a love of learning.

Isaiah - 1 Isaiah - 2

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