The Many Hats of David Morgenroth

David Morgenroth

David Morgenroth
Wealth Management Advisor, CFP®, EA

Sometimes you never know how much talent there is in the office next door. Our very own David Morgenroth is a wealth management advisor and a concert pianist. He has released a handful of solo albums and writes music as well. He took some time to share his passion with us. We are inspired by his amazing talent outside of the office.

Piano Lessons

“My mother insisted that my sisters and I take piano lessons beginning around age 8. Both sisters dropped to the wayside early on, and I threatened to do the same when I was 13. My teacher and my mother conspired to keep me going by introducing popular pieces and ragtime to the standard fare of Bach and Beethoven. It wasn’t a tough sell – the movie, The Sting, was still popular at the time, with its Marvin Hamlisch score heavily indebted to Scott Joplin. The following year, I heard several jazz pianists perform in Missoula, and I knew I had to play music.”

Stepping Onstage

“My first performance had to have been at age 9 or 10 at the Music Recital Hall on the University of Montana campus. It was completely terrifying; I remember how unnerved I was when I started playing and realized I could see the reflection of my hands and the keyboard in the fall board (the cover for the keyboard). It was not an auspicious beginning to a performance career. Nowadays, most of my performances occur in concert halls or home concert settings, after many years of playing everything from clubs and bars to weddings and bar mitzvahs.”

David performing with Buddy DeFranco

David performing with Buddy DeFranco

From Japan to Montana

“I played a concert with my friend Eden Atwood in Kita-Kyushu, Japan, in a hall with an excellent piano and packed with enthusiastic listeners. The concert was followed by a 21-course dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant, hosted by a local doctor and huge jazz fan – an unforgettable evening! (It was especially great because my wife Barbara was there.) On the local side, playing Rhapsody in Blue with the Missoula Symphony in a summer outdoor concert for several thousand people was fun.”

Beyond the Music

“In my quest for knowledge, I found the world of investments captivating and embarked in a career as a trader. Years later, I realized I could leverage my experience to help improve people’s lives, financial and otherwise. It was an easy transition to Wealth Management, and Stockman became the ultimate fit for me, culturally and personally.”

Finding Balance

“Ambition in any life arena fuels achievement, but it can be a double-edged sword. For those of us who love our work (and we’re not workaholics!), it is important to raise our awareness of what we miss when all we do is work. Boiling things down to essentials is key – What can’t you live without? As life progresses, priorities change, and that’s OK. For example, thirty years ago I wanted to perform music all the time; now, a performance every few months is just fine. Also, I find that as I get older, I not only have learned that pacing myself is a good thing, but also that my wife, dogs, and music, along with hobbies and personal interests are all to varying degrees integral components of my health and well-being. And I almost forgot rest and relaxation – can’t take that for granted! My wife is my barometer and keeps me from overdoing it, and our dogs keep things light, fun, and real.”

We tip our hat to David and our employees who wear many hats to make our communities better places to live, work, and play!

Enjoy this video of David’s performance.

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