Welcome Back! Our Lobbies Will Reopen, Monday, May 4, 2020

Stockman Bank - King Avenue West

We are pleased to announce that many of our bank lobbies will be open for business on Monday, May 4th during our regular business hours. Please check our website to get the exact hours for your bank.

Never in our lifetime did we think we would have to enact a Pandemic Policy, yet here we are. We thank you for the patience you have shown as we travel these uncharted waters together.

One important lesson that has become increasingly evident through these challenging times is that working with a community bank is more important than ever. We have processed approximately 3,000 Paycheck Protection Program loans for $288 million dollars and are working on round two of assisting small businesses across the state. While our lobbies have been closed since March 23, our online and mobile banking and drive ups have been available for you. We encourage you to continue to use these options to meet your banking needs whenever possible as we collectively try to reduce the spread of the virus.

We are glad to welcome you back to our lobbies and want to let you know what you will experience when you visit us. Our lobbies will look and operate a little differently to protect the health and safety of customers and employees.

What You Can Expect In Our Lobbies

  •  First, we ask that if you feel sick or exhibit any signs of illness, please do not enter the building. This is for everyone’s safety. 
  • We ask that the appropriate 6’ social distancing measures be followed. There will be floor markers to assist you. If the lobby area becomes crowded and social distancing guidelines cannot be met, a staff member will be happy to make an appointment for you. We may also ask that you wait outside until others complete their banking.
  • You will see that our Tellers, Receptionists and Customer Service Representatives will have protective plexiglass shields to keep everyone safe. Some of our employees may also be wearing facemasks.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each teller window, and on the desks of our customer service representatives and receptionists.
  • All of our work stations, drive-up canisters and all high traffic areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected repeatedly through out the day. Customers are encouraged to take the bank pen they have used during their visit.  Any pens left behind will be sanitized each day.

We plan to operate under Governor Bullock’s Phase 1 Guidelines. We understand this is subject to change as we actively monitor local policy developed by cities and counties.

We look forward to working with you inside our lobbies, in our drive ups or online and sincerely thank you for working with us as we all navigate a new normal.

Stockman Bank Lobbies Opening

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