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As our world seems to be in chaos, and we are surrounded by negative news, I am reminded that there is only so much that I can control and my outlook on life is one of them. It is a time of uncertainty, but if you look around there are a lot of displays of love and kindness happening all around us. There are people singing from balconies, photographers taking front porch family photos, teachers driving through neighborhoods to wave to their students, and volunteers sewing masks.


Amid all of the fear there is an overwhelming feeling of community and support. This has made me feel more at peace with all of the things that I can not control. I am never going to change the stock market, but I can shelter in place to do my part in and practice kindness.

Thank you card

Here are a few things that my family is doing to spread kindness in our community. After all we need each other to get through this!

  • Calling and sending videos for friends and family member to tell them how much we love and appreciate them. Paying special attention to those that live alone.
  • Offering to pickup items for vulnerable friends and family members when we visit stores.
  • Dropping off treats like cookies or fresh fruit and veggies on our neighbors porches, ringing the bell and running away.
  • Making thank you cards for health care workers, mail carriers, trash collectors and others who are performing essential services.
  • Writing to people in nursing homes who can no longer have family and friends visit.
  • Supporting businesses in our community by shopping local, buying gift cards and ordering from local restaurants. Adding on extra tips for service workers.
  • Donating books to neighborhood book libraries.

Neighborhood Library


These are all small things that my family can do to impact our small circle of the world. I hope that my 4 and 6 year old will look back on this time and remember it as a time we all got to slow down and enjoy time as a family. I hope they will have learned lessons of kindness and sharing. We are all struggling, but the more we can continue to stand by each other and remember we are in this together the stronger we will be.  Maybe when this is all behind us our world will have been changed in a positive way.

Thank you card

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  1. Mary Beth Beaulieu
    Mary Beth Beaulieu says:

    Well done Stockman! You consistently model what I was signing up for when I started a career in financial services 25 years ago — relationship first.

    Wishing you all the best through this crazy time,
    Mary Beth


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