Online and Mobile Banking Features You Can’t Live Without

Banking on your phone, computer or tablet is getting more and more robust with all the features we offer. We are sure when you use our online and mobile tools, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Banking anytime, anywhere

Banking anytime, anywhere.

Right now, many of us are staying close to home which makes mobile deposit handy for everyone. And with the extra time at home, it really is possible to set a budget using our Money Management tools. You can check on your credit score, decide who you want to include on your accounts, and set up alerts for every transaction over 1¢. How cool is all that? Check out the features that are sure to be your favorites.

Favorite Features aka Your Banking Tool Kit!

  1. Mobile Deposit
    This convenient way to deposit a check lets you check off “go make a deposit at the bank” from your to-do list! It is as easy as taking a photo with your smart phone. Simply follow the prompts and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is! To get started with this feature, click on “Check Deposit” in the main menu.
  2. CreditStory
    You have instant access to everything you need to know about your credit, when you want it, all in one place. The best part? It’s free! This feature allows you to receive daily credit alerts for major changes, view your credit score as often as you’d like, access your credit report, identify credit bureau errors, better understand the factors that impact your score, and enjoy financial tips to improve your score. CreditStory soft pulls your credit history, so it doesn’t affect your overall score no matter how often you check it. Start using CreditStory by clicking the “More” option on your app menu. Choose “Credit Story” and you’re on your way!
  3. Budgeting
    Creating a budget couldn’t be easier! Our Budgeting tool allows you to add accounts from other financial institutions to help you paint a better financial picture. You can view your transactions, spending habits and trends, manage your debts, view your net worth, set goals and create and manage budgets. To start creating a budget that is worth sticking to, click on the “More” option of your app menu. Choose “Money Management” and follow the prompts to begin creating a budget.

    Our Money Management tools are here to help.

    Our Money Management tools are here to help.

  4. Shared Access
    This feature is excellent for customers who want to provide family members, accountants or other trusted third parties the ability to help them with their finances. Leveraging the Shared Access feature, you can provide easy and secure access to some, or to all your Stockman accounts, without having to provide your confidential login information. You will have total control to provide these trusted advisors with as much, or as little ability you desire to conduct business on your behalf. To activate this feature, log into your account through your browser. Select “More Options” and choose “Share Access with Others.”
  5. Alerts
    Set up alerts to help you know when a deposit and/or a withdrawal takes place in your accounts. It’s easy to do and the parameters you set can be whatever fits your lifestyle best! Alerts can be set on transactions as small as $0.01! You can also receive alerts on balance updates and low balances. To begin creating Alerts, go to “More” on the main menu. Click “Settings”, then select “Push Notifications”. Start customizing!

The good news is we are here to help you if you have questions or just need to know which buttons to press. Contact Customer Service at 1-877-300-9369 or find your closest bank and speak directly with a banker. Our online banking and mobile app will become your banking tool kit!

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