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Brandi Gray

Brandi Gray

Post written by Brandi GrayCompliance Officer | Domestic Juggler | Motivator | Lover of Eastern Montana | Outdoor Enthusiast

I’m a full time employee at Stockman Bank as well as a full time wife and mother.

I love my job and I love my family, but times can get crazy just trying to get to the bank in the morning. This juggling act means that my circus has many acts vying for the attention of the ringmaster.

Sometimes it feels like I’m riding a unicycle on a tightrope with acrobats flying around me while I’m spinning plates. The Gray Circus runs from 6:30 AM to 7:45 AM weekdays. I may not have every duty every morning, but the majority of the time these are my duties as mom/ringmaster:

  1.  Alarm clock – “Good Morning Honey, time to wake up!”- 5 minutes later – “Time to wake up!” – 5 minutes later –  “Come on lets get up!” – 5 minutes later – “GET UP!”   My daughter’s response: “Why are you yelling at me?”
  2. Waitress/cook – Someone always needs a glass of milk or cheesy scrambled eggs made to order. Others amazingly can’t find anything to eat in a full fridge.
  3. Stylists – Everyone has an opinion as to how their hair must be done and mom doesn’t always get it right.
  4. Pharmacist – “We need to take our daily vitamins and prescriptions to get through the day. No you can’t skip them.”
  5. Dentist – “Did you brush your teeth? Really? Let me smell.”
  6. Veterinarian – “Did the dog get fed? Does the cat have water?  Are the fish still alive?”
  7. Teacher – “Does everyone have their homework? Is it complete?”
  8. Banker – Someone always waits until the last minute to tell me they need lunch money.
  9. Taxi Driver – “Mom, don’t drop me off on that side of the street, drop me off on the other side of the street.” “Mom, drop me off last.”
  10. DJ – Someone always wants different music and never wants to listen to mom’s station.
  11. Mechanic – Uh oh low fuel, running late for school and a train on the tracks. Got to get to the gas station.
  12. Grocery Store Clerk – “Mom I need poster board for today.” What?
  13. Finally the monkeys are dropped off at their cages for the day.
  14. And then I go to work.

The Gray Circus ringmaster juggles many acts in the morning but I wouldn’t trade my monkeys for anything. Then I get to start my work life where I enjoy an entire new group of monkeys at Stockman Bank!

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