Coffee Talk – 4th Quarter 2019

Ron O’Donnell, CFA - President & CEO

Ron O’Donnell, CFA
President & CEO

Wealth Management is for Everyone

What does “wealth” mean to you?

If you are like most people, you work hard to save money but don’t think of yourself as rich or wealthy. So when you see “wealth management services,” you don’t think it applies to you. Not true. While these services are important to those who have accumulated wealth, they are even more valuable for those of us working to build our wealth.

So, how can Stockman Wealth Management help you?

Do you have questions about saving for college, planning a vacation, when and how to retire, when to take social security, when or how to invest or how to manage estate planning? We offer solutions to meet individual needs of all types of clients. We spend time with you to understand your personal situation so we can best answer your questions and identify solutions that are in your and your family’s best interest.

We have been serving our neighbors here in Montana for nearly 20 years and our clients trust our experienced professionals to help them build a map to their financial future and to walk with them along life’s journey.

We first began helping clients with saving and investing in 2002, guided by the same core values that our company was founded upon: build longstanding relationships by serving clients in an honest, cost effective and transparent way. We started with $32 million in assets under management for individuals and that figure has grown to $601 million. We have grown our retirement plan business from zero to $166 million as of November 30, 2019.

Stockman Wealth Management Group 2019

Certified Financial Planners

One of our most prominent resource investments is our staff of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®).  Individuals with the CFP® certification are nationally recognized for expertise in areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning and retirement.  CFP® professionals must complete a CFP® Board registered education program, sit and pass a CFP® board exam and hold or earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college within five years of passing the CFP. They must also demonstrate financial planning experience.


We are also proud to be fiduciaries. What does it mean to be a fiduciary? It means that we have a legal obligation to act in your best interest. Fiduciary responsibilities are both ethical and legal. Our business was built requiring our team to act in the best interest of the client at all times. Strict care is taken to ensure that every employee demonstrates high standards of ethical conduct. We have an obligation to disclose all of our actual and potential conflicts of interests arising between our firm and our clients.

We are required to manage your assets for your benefit first and foremost, and eliminate our ability to put our own personal interests ahead of yours.

Ron O’Donnell, CFA President & CEO

Investing Strategies

Since the market is at all time highs, many individuals are concerned about when and how to invest. There is an old Chinese proverb that states “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” At Stockman Wealth Management, we recognize that financial planning, saving, and investing can be complicated and overwhelming. That’s why we are here. So, if you haven’t planted your tree yet, let Stockman Wealth Management help you put it in the ground. The best time is today!

For a personalized consultation, please call us at 406-655-3960 or contact your local Stockman location.

From all of us at Stockman, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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