Next Time You See A Banker in Jeans, Thank Them!

Stockman Bank has always been a firm believer in giving back to communities across Montana. In fact, this is the cornerstone we were founded on. Employees are encouraged and supported wholeheartedly to give back to their communities. One way our employees give back happens weekly on “Jeans Friday.” Employees contribute a certain amount, usually $2.00 to wear jeans to work on Friday. The money is collected and given to a charitable cause the bank agrees upon in advance. The small amount contributed from each employee adds up quickly with the communities becoming the winners.

Bankers in Jeans - Conrad Group

Here are reflections from two of our branches on why they participate.

Tonya Breding, Customer Service Representative for Conrad:

What difference will two dollars make? Two dollars will not go far… but if every member of our staff donated two dollars each week, we could raise well over $100.00 each month. In twelve months, we could raise over $1,200.00 and so on. In the last eight years, Conrad employees have donated over $12,939.00 to local causes.

Our story began in 2011, when several employees approached branch president Dan Majerus regarding Jean Fridays. Stockman Bank prides itself on a professional image and dress code, and we did not want to stray from that philosophy. Jeans were not an option except for special occasions like Bobcat/Griz Friday or our local Whoop-up Days, so we were looking for a way to expand special days. Dan was approached by staff members to make each Friday a “Special Friday”, and Jeans for Community was born.

Bankers in Jeans - Dan and Joe

The jeans money is not a donation from Stockman Bank, but rather from the employees. The money collected goes toward causes and events decided on in advance. Donations have been given to many local charities.

Bankers in Jeans - Brett and Josh

In 2016, our campaign expanded. The employees voted to also start a scholarship fund as part of their campaign. Our Jeans scholarship will be given yearly to a graduating member of Conrad High School, and the student must show community involvement skills to qualify for the scholarship. 

We are an example of how something small can become something very big. We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to helping even more areas of our community.

Rhonda Moore, VP for Billings Operations:

We joined the Billings Gazette Jeans Day for Charity several years ago – around 2000. When they discontinued it in 2016, we elected to continue the program. Since 2016 alone, our donations have been over $6,000 and we have given to several causes and organizations some of which include Relay for Life (American Cancer Society), Alzheimer’s Association, Christmas Adopt a Family, Suicide Prevention, and Family Service Inc. We participate in Relay for Life every year and donations to them alone through Jeans and other fundraisers have exceeded $47,000.

Bankers in Jeans - Billings Group

Our employees really look forward to the opportunity to contribute in such a fun and easy way. The cost is minimal, but the results add up quickly. It is a wonderful way to help organizations in the Billings community, and we salute those that participate in this very worthwhile program.

Clearly denim is not just for wearing, but for those in need as well. During this time of year, remember to give a shout out to those who pay to wear jeans. The next time you see a banker in jeans, remember to thank them!

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