Four-Legged Friends – It’s a Real Thing!

During the Covid-19 shelter in place order, our four-legged friends become more important than many of us ever imagined. Dogs become our daily exercise companions. Cats curl up in our laps as we work from home. For many of us, the companionship of a pet takes on a whole new meaning as we socially distance from family, friends, and neighbors.

Recently, Dawnita Sampsel, an Ag Loan Officer at our Stanford bank welcomed a new addition to her family. A sweet Miniature Aussie named Lena arrived at the Great Falls Airport in January, where Dawnita and her husband Jeff, welcomed her with open arms. Having raised puppies before, they were ready and able to make sure that Lena had everything she needed to grow into a smart and capable ranch dog.

Dawnita and Lena


Animal shelters have seen a rise in adoptions during this period of shelter in place, but what does it really take to make sure your four-legged friend has what it needs to grow and develop? We decided to find out some puppy basics, so we caught up with Dr. Laurie Gaugler, DVM at Central Montana Veterinary Services in Hobson, and asked her to weigh in on basic care and what you should know about keeping your fur baby happy and healthy!

Laurie & Dawnita

Check out our video below of Dr. Gaugler, Dawnita and of course the star of the production – Lena!

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