Back to School Requires Many Hands

Misti Anderson, Operations Officer in Sidney

Misti Anderson, Operations Officer in Sidney

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer as well as back to school time for children across Montana. Our Sidney bank  has stepped up to support elementary students begin the school year with a good start.

We have just wrapped up the second successful year of donating over 600 new backpacks to Sidney elementary students, special needs pre-K through 5th grade, at both Westside and Central Elementary Schools. The backpacks were once again full of some basic school supplies as well as pencils/pens, pencil sharpener, crayons, glue stick, notebook, eraser, ruler, folder and three-ring pencil pouch.

Back to School

In conversation with Sara Romo, Central Elementary Principal, she tells us what this program means to Sidney Elementary school and students.

Sara Romo

What does this program mean to Sidney Elementary Schools?

This program shows what an amazing community we live in. We have organizations that put kids first and put the tools in our students’ hands that allow them to begin the school year with confidence.

How does this program benefit Sidney Elementary students?

Starting the school year can be stressful for families, and having the opportunity to provide backpacks and supplies for students that may go without, is rewarding and has a positive impact.

What has your most rewarding or favorite memory been with this program?

I have seen families come in and say that they will be late getting backpacks and supplies for the year because of funds. It is always rewarding to tell families that we have backpacks and supplies for them. Seeing a child pick out a backpack and making it their own is a reflection of how great our community is.

School SuppliesSchool Backpacks

The backpack program was started to ensure that local children have the essentials to learn and succeed at school. We hope this program can become an annual project here in the MonDak region going forward. Our goal for next year is to include other area elementary schools in Lambert, Fairview, Savage, Rau and Brorson.

A new school year is always an exciting time for students and families alike. A full backpack with new supplies will start the school year off on the right foot!

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