Coffee Talk: Quarterly Report – Q1 2018

Bill Coffee

Bill Coffee, Chief Executive Officer, Stockman Bank

Last year, my Annual Report letter was captioned “Progress” and centered on change.

My message ponders the challenge of adopting new ways versus holding on to the tried and true.

I wrote about developments in technology changing our daily lives, particularly service delivery and communication.

This year I continue that theme by letting you know Stockman will no longer print or publish an Annual Report.

Instead, we are starting to produce a Quarterly Report. This Report will be included in our blog which is available to read on our website.

It will be shorter than our 12-page Annual Report and will focus on timely topics from Stockman Bank, Stockman Wealth Management and Stockman Insurance, and our recent community involvement.

An update four times a year, as opposed to just after year-end, allows for more current topics, better relevance and timeliness. Plus, its concise nature will allow for easy review.

Since Stockman is a privately held Montana community bank, we are not required to publish an annual report. However, we began preparing an Annual Report over 20 years ago to better communicate with our customers.

Today, our website and active social media presence give us, our customers, and our communities immediate and direct access to communication.

Similarly, we were the first bank in Montana to adopt eStatements and have for many years encouraged our customers to “Go Green” by using this more convenient, paperless solution. The Quarterly Report furthers our Go Green initiative.

Going forward, please watch for our new Quarterly Report and let us know your thoughts on this more efficient, modern way to communicate.

Looking back on 2017, I would personally like to thank our customers for their continued trust and support and thank our employees for their focus on customer service and commitment to making Montana a better place.

2017 was an exciting year for Stockman in many ways. We enjoyed growth in virtually all areas of the company, had record earnings and record capital, with a Montana-wide team of 709 strong!

2018 is our 65th Anniversary! Our Montana focus has uniquely positioned us to serve more neighbors across the state every day.

We hold true to our founding principles, centered upon customer service and strong community commitment with our local employees, state-of-the-art, efficient buildings and cutting-edge, convenient technology.


Bill Coffee
Chief Executive Officer

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