The Case of the Missing Wallet

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Julia Warmer

Post written by Julia Warmer, Digital Media Manager 

It happens to everyone, right?

But when it actually happens to you, losing a wallet can cause panic.

I recently arrived home after a busy day in the Marketing Department to find that my purse contained everything except my wallet.

The first thing I did was retrace my steps. I looked through my purse – no wallet.

I looked in my car – no wallet and in fact, I returned to the bank to look under, around, on top and inside my desk.

The very thorough and fabulous cleaning crew was finishing up for the evening, walking out of the building as I walked in. I keep my purse next to the garbage can tucked under my desk for safe keeping.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to be found but the empty garbage can. Nothing was out of sorts but my wallet was officially missing.

Because I have the mobile app on my phone, it’s easy to see all transactions and luckily all the transactions shown were mine.

A convenient new feature we offer debit card customers is CardProtect. It’s an entire suite of security tools with CardValet® that allows you to turn your card off and on.

If you lose your card, turn it off. When you find it, turn it back on. On the mobile app (eMobile), simply click on “Manage my cards” below the account listing. With a touch of the button, it is easy to block your card.

eMobile Screenshot w red

I knew it had to be somewhere close but the case of the missing wallet continued on into the next day. What a relief to be able to block my debit card. Whew!

If only I could do that on all my credit cards I wouldn’t be nearly so worried.

During my lunch hour, I again retraced my steps, hurrying home, scouring all the places my wallet could be, digging through my car, etc. It didn’t turn up anywhere.

At least I was able to see my dogs and give them a good belly rub. (How can I resist a shameless photo sharing opportunity of Bonnie and Clyde?)

Bonnie & Clyde

While driving back to the bank, it occurred to me that I may have accidentally put my wallet back under my desk. Maybe, I thought, it landed in my purse but it went into the garbage can instead!

All I could hope for was the garbage in the dumpster was still there from yesterday.

I grabbed a few co-workers who were willing to do some dumpster diving. Armed with a push broom to reach the bags of garbage we began to dig through yesterday’s trash.

The last bag we pulled out actually had my wallet tied cleanly in the mess of trash. I was so happy to have found it and couldn’t have done it without the help of Brian, Cindy, and Tanna. What a crew!

marketing team dumpster divers

After buying a round of cold, coffee drinks, I turned my debit card back on!

CardProtectWhat I learned:

1. Don’t put your purse next to the garbage can. I’ve moved my secret place somewhere better, safer, and away from the garbage can.

2. Appreciate the people you work with because you never know when they might help you dumpster dive (or other equally distasteful tasks)!

3. CardProtect is a fantastic service we’re proud to offer at Stockman Bank!

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