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Brawl of the Wild… aka Cat/Griz.

For many Montanans across the state, this week is a time when emotions run high! Whether your blood runs blue and gold or maroon and silver, everyone has a stake in the game when it comes to the Brawl of the Wild aka Cat/Griz. The passion for Montana football also runs deep for many of […]

2019 Annual Contribution Limits

Year-end is fast approaching and you are probably wondering how to get the most out of your annual giving or what to do for investing or adding funds to an individual retirement account (“IRA”).  It makes a lot of sense to measure your contributions against the allowable Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) limits, while there is […]

Vacation Rental Scams: How to avoid them.

Imagine you’ve just turned in for the evening. You might be reading a book, watching TV, or putting the kids to bed, when all of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. That’s strange – you weren’t expecting company this evening. A moment later you’re at the door face-to-face with a couple who […]

The Many Hats of Tracy Petersen

Tracy Petersen, Operations Officer for our Plentywood bank, has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to four legged friends. Tracy is involved with Wolf Point Pound Puppies Animal Rescue. Wolf Point Pound Puppies The organization started by rescuing local dogs from Wolf Point, MT, to help get dogs out of the pound and […]

9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter!

Autumn in Montana can be a mix of summer and winter, depending on the day! Now is the time to prepare your home before winter settles in for good. Our real estate professionals in Helena have compiled a list of tips for fall home maintenance. 1. Have Your Roof Inspected The standard rule of thumb […]

Coffee Talk – 3rd Quarter 2019

The old adage, “time flies when you’re having fun,” is certainly true. I can’t believe I have been with Stockman Bank for 25 years now. People often ask me about comparing Stockman Bank, and banking in general, back to when I started so many years ago. My answer is simple, “the whole world has changed.” […]