Becoming a Caregiver: How My Life Changed in a Blink of an Eye

Ron and Cindy Kiosse

Ron and Cindy Kiosse

Post written by Cindy S. Kiosse, Operations Officer, Stockman Bank – Terry Branch

When you face unexpected circumstances, you do your best to handle the situation while learning on the fly.

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes – parents, children, spouses, family, friends – and most don’t have much time to mentally prepare for all that being “a caregiver” involves.

I didn’t understand the true meaning of “Your life can change in a blink of an eye” until July 2010. On one hot July night, my mind was on the yard I’d just finished mowing. I remember feeling how satisfied I was to know it was done for another week. Two hours later, our yard would be the least of my concerns for nearly the next four years. Read more

Home Chair

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Naomi RolandsonPost written by Naomi Rolandson, CSR and Social Media Ambassador, Hysham

When I tell people I’m from Montana, I can see the movie reels turning in their heads.

They imagine streams of clear gurgling water, majestic snow-capped mountains and stately Ponderosa Pines as shown in movies like A River Runs Through It, The River Wild, and The Horse Whisperer.

The imaginary bubble above their head quickly bursts when I mention Eastern Montana.

There are many who actually believe if they travel east of Billings they would immediately be in North Dakota! Now, I know, Eastern Montana doesn’t have mountains and mountain lakes, but HELLO….we’re still part of Montana! Read more

Brawl Featured

It’s Time: The 2017 Brawl of the Wild is Here!

It’s time. The 117th Brawl of the Wild is here and tensions are high across the whole state. Jabs about which school is better are all too common this time of year and, for the most part, it’s just playful joking that usually never goes too far.

As a community bank in Montana, we have plenty of grads from both schools and the rivalry runs deep here. With that in mind, we asked three employees to write a little bit about what the Cat/Griz, or Griz/Cat depending what team you root for, means to them! Enjoy!

Cody Walk

The In Between-er
Cody Walk, Digital Media Coordinator

Cats or Griz? Blue or maroon? Bozeman or Missoula? For me, the answer is always…“Both!”

With no allegiance to either team, the Brawl of the Wild has been a little different for me. Having parents that attended college in Iowa and no other relatives that graduated from UM or MSU, I was never pressured to pick a side. Being born and raised in Billings didn’t sway me one way or the other either.

This next part may ruffle a few feathers, but as a child growing up, one year I would deck out in Griz gear for the game, and the next it would be all Bobcat blue and gold, usually depending on which team had the better record! Read more