Favorite Places to Visit in Montana

My Favorite Places to Visit in Montana in the Summer – Part 2

Post written by Cassandra Garrison, Real Estate Loan Specialist

Previously, in Part 1 of this blog series, I wrote about a few of my favorite places to visit in Montana in the Summer.

Welcome to Part 2!

I’ve had the pleasure to not only travel to many places throughout our state, but to also have the opportunity to live in some of our beautiful cities in Montana.

Because of that I’ve been able to experience the western charm and uniqueness that embodies the Montanan spirit throughout our state. While attending the University of Montana, I had the opportunity to explore and visit many more wonderful places our state has to offer.

Having lived outside of Montana, I can attest to the fact that Montana is well-known for our numerous national parks and western mountainous regions. Given the recent fires that have ravaged our state from east to west, I feel compelled to give my condolences to the Montanan families who have been directly affected by these fires. My thoughts and prayers are also with all those who are working night and day, away from their families, to keep these fires contained.

When the fire has been controlled, and the ash settles, I will hold onto my memories of the places I love as I remember them, and hope that we as Montanans can pull together to help foster the regrowth of these areas once the fires have subsided. Read more

Miles City Bank

The History of Stockman Bank

Bill Nefsy

Bill Nefsy

When Bill Nefsy bought tiny Miles City Bank in 1953, he had no idea the bank would grow into one of Montana’s largest community banks.

His vision was a simple one—he wanted to provide a way for his neighbors in Custer County—honest, hardworking farmers, ranchers, and business-owners—to obtain the financing they needed to operate and grow their businesses.

Like most who forged a life and livelihood in eastern Montana during the first half of the twentieth century, Bill Nefsy’s life was one of hardship, perseverance, and sacrifice. 

Born to Daniel and Mary Nefsy in 1913, Bill suffered tragedy early.  When he was just five years old, Bill’s mother Mary died in the Spanish Flu pandemic which struck nearly a quarter of the US population.  Eight years later, at the age of 13, Bill would lose his father to Rocky Mountain Spotted-Fever.

Orphaned and alone, Bill became a ward of the State until distant uncles stepped forward, claimed him, and relocated him to their ranch near Newcastle in Northeast Wyoming. Read more