Favorite Places to Visit in Montana - Part 1

My Favorite Places to Visit in Montana in the Summer – Part 1

Post written by Cassandra Garrison, Real Estate Loan Specialist

Montana is known for its’ snow-capped mountains, winding rivers, vast plains, rugged badlands, and wide-open sky. I’ve travelled many places, but nothing seems to compare to being at home in Montana amongst our beautiful scenery and seeing our unique sunsets.

My love for exploring and adventure sprouted at a young age, seeded by two adventurous spirits – my mom and dad. My dad’s appreciation for history, especially Montana’s history, meant sharing stories with me about lost treasure, old mining towns, western outlaws – stories that fascinated me, and made places we visited in Montana seem almost magical as a kid.

My mom, being an outdoors woman, loves to explore new places, and share fun times together as a family.

Together we would spend most weekends during the summer as a family going somewhere new in Montana. It’s why I always looked forward to summertime.

It meant camping in the mountains underneath a star-studded sky where you can vividly see the Milky Way, floating the rivers, visiting historical sites, hiking into wilderness territory to discover old hidden mines and cabins – it was my wonderland as a kid, and I had the opportunity to explore it all growing up in Montana. Read more

Montana is Unique

What Makes Montana So Unique?

Renee HalsethPost written by Renee Halseth, Operations Cards, Regulatory & Fraud Risk Officer, and Security Officer.

What is it about Montana that makes it so mysterious?

Is it gorgeous shifting of landscapes across the state, the big sky, the friendly people or the extreme weather?

It’s all of this and so much more that make Montana such a unique state.

The wide open spaces and independent spirit give our state a special touch that you just don’t find anywhere else in the United States.

We recently asked our employees the simple question, “What makes Montana so unique?”  We were flooded with so many great responses and we just had to share them with you.

“You know you’re from Montana when you take your horse to do your weekend errands.”
Nicolle S, Miles City

What a perfect way to run errands and exercise the horse all at the same time. Saddle up your trusty horse and venture on your way with a smile, nod and wave just like any other day of the week.

 “You know you are in Montana when you experience all four seasons in one day!”
Tim B, Miles City

Anyone raised or living in Montana will back Tim’s statement. More days than not, you wake to sunshine and blue skies and by lunchtime it’s snowing.  Montanans have mastered the skill of being prepared for all weather conditions regardless of the season. Read more