Life’s Rainbow

Post written by Jim Drummond, President

This will be my last active week at Stockman Bank. I will begin vacation next week continuing through the first week of August when I will turn in my keys and officially become “retired”.

I don’t know if anyone noticed the colorful rainbow that we had after a short rainstorm a couple of weeks ago. It was a day that started with a  bright blue sky in the morning and suddenly  turned dark in the afternoon. Thunder roared and lightning flashed, and then it rained heavily for just a few minutes.

As quickly as it happened, the storm ended and the sun came out. The summer breeze smelled like moist earth as the sun quickly went to work to dry the droplets on leaves and lawns.  Then in the east, as if by magic, a brilliant rainbow appeared.

Like all rainbows it was purple on the inner circle, then a band of blue, then  green, and yellow, and orange and then an outer ring of red.  The left side of the rainbow touched the mouth of Bridger Canyon, then proudly  arched up and over the green hills of the eastern valley to curve back to earth at the base of Mount Ellis.  The rainbow served as a picture frame for the valley and was just as spectacular, if not more so, than the picture. Read more