Dan's Long Hair

Meet Dan Allen: 12 Inches of Hair…and a Heart of Gold

Post written by Julia Warmer, Digital Media Specialist at Stockman Bank of Montana

In the inner chamber of Stockman Bank, there’s a group of people whose main responsibility is to answer questions from employees who need technical help and direction related to both software programs and hardware issues.

The group, better known as The Help Desk, answers questions which range from the mundane, “How do I retrieve a deleted email?” to “Help!  My computer smells like it’s burning.”

The Help Desk crew can best be described as supportive, calm (usually much more than the callers), and they possess a magical way of sorting through the confusion of day-to-day technology questions and blunders. Read more

Market Update

Market Update: May 2017

eric-vermulmPost written by Eric Vermulm, CFA | Chief Investment Officer | Stockman Wealth Management

Click here for Eric’s May 2017 Market Update. It’s full of great information!


Protect Yourself Against “Money Mule” Scams

Renee HalsethPost written by Renee Halseth, Chief Fraud Risk Manager

When it comes to stealing money, fraudsters don’t always work solo.

In fact, many bring their unsuspecting victims in on the scheme and make them do the majority of the work….and this can oftentimes leave their victims penniless.  This twisted tactic is known as a “money mule” scheme.


A “money mule” is a person who has been recruited by a criminal to launder stolen cash or goods, or even to steal debit or credit card information to perpetrate fraud.  Several repercussions are at stake when a victim is sucked into a money mule scam. Some of the consequences are;

  • Potential criminal prosecution for money laundering
  • Financial Loss: Money Mules are often found personally liable for repaying the loss
  • Loss of personal information and identity theft

{*Based on a true event with names and some details changed.} Read more