ATM Still Going Strong

At 50, the ATM is Still Going Strong

David DennisPost written by David Dennis, Legal Counsel

They haunt the urban landscape like relics of a bygone era, metallic monuments to a time when paper money mattered.  Clunky and old-school, by all rights, the ATM should have faded from the urban tapestry as quickly, and as quietly, as the payphone, falling victim to the domination of new payment technologies.

Yet they endure.

Perhaps cash isn’t as obsolete as we think.  Perhaps we still crave that oddly comforting whirring, whistling, flip-flip-flip “here comes the money” sound of the ATM.  Whatever the reason for its continued durability, there’s no denying that this now humble machine was once a veritable “rock star,” the tantalizing new wave of modern banking convenience.

John Shepherd-Brown was in a hurry.  It was a Saturday afternoon and the engineer for a British printing company needed money for the rest of the weekend.  To his dismay, he arrived at his bank just as the doors were being locked for the day.  He returned home cashless, and later, while he soaked in the bath, he lamented that cash should be more accessible—this was 1965, and if vending machines could dispense chocolate bars (a recent innovation), he mused, why couldn’t they dispense cash? Read more

Weddings and Funerals

What Could Weddings and Funerals Possibly Have in Common?

paula-kurkowskiPost written by Paula Kurkowski, VP/Director of Compliance at Stockman Bank of Montana

Q: What could weddings and funerals possibly have in common?

A: F A M I L Y

First, there was the string of weddings.

For a few years in a row, cousins were getting married left and right. We all eagerly awaited the next wedding, knowing it would be an exciting time full of laughter and the making of good memories.

Someone always celebrated with a little too much champagne and the littles got to dance (and run wild while laxly attended) at the reception. And the celebration usually lasted long after the happy couple departed on the honeymoon of their dreams.

Then lately it’s been funerals.

We’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to lose two beloved men in our family over the past couple of years. These men were fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, sons and husbands. Read more

Market Update

Market Update: March 2017

eric-vermulmPost written by Eric Vermulm, CFA | Chief Investment Officer | Stockman Wealth Management

Click here for Eric’s March 2017 Market Update. It’s full of great information!



If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

paula-kurkowskiPost written by Paula Kurkowski, VP/Director of Compliance at Stockman Bank of Montana

She didn’t even remember entering a sweepstakes, but she’d somehow managed to win – and win big! The excited caller informed Margaret that she’d won a sweepstakes and she would be receiving numerous valuable prizes including a flat screen TV, a complete living room furniture set, a laptop, a cruise…and the list went on.

In fact, there were so many prizes that they would be sending a delivery truck right to her doorstep! They scheduled the delivery for the following Tuesday at 10:00 am and the caller told Margaret she would be receiving a call from the driver the morning of the delivery to confirm her address and directions to her house.

Margaret was very excited but a little bit skeptical too. She’d heard about prize scams and knew if they asked for her personal information, such as bank account numbers or her Social Security number, she wouldn’t give it to them as it would be a sure sign of a scam. Read more