Credit Card Fraud

“I’m Sorry. This Card is Declined.”

Renee HalsethPost written by Renee Halseth, Chief Fraud Risk Manager

“I’m sorry. This card is declined.”

That’s never something you want to hear, especially when you know there’s a healthy balance in your checking account.

But it happened to me. I was a bit nervous and upset. I looked at the waitress and said, “Umm, okay. Can you try running the card again?

Almost as soon as the words left her mouth saying “declined” a second time, I saw my cell phone flash with an 800 number. I answered the phone only to hear, “This is Stockman Bank’s Visa fraud protection service.

Within minutes, I discovered my debit card number had been stolen and fraudulent charges amounting to $150 had accumulated. I needed to shut down my card and have a new card issued. I called my local Stockman Bank and they told me that it was very likely someone, somehow was able to get my card number and counterfeit the card to make fraudulent purchases. Read more

Insurance Adjuster

What Your Insurance Adjustor Knows That You Don’t

Cody SwansonPost written by Cody Swanson, Insurance Agent, Stockman Insurance

Covered in water, dirt, paint, bits of plaster, Nancy and Jordan scraped what used to be their bathroom ceiling out of the tub, sink, toilet and floor.

A massive snowfall and spring melt, so common with Montana’s late winter-early spring weather patterns, sent water through the roof of their newly purchased home, collapsing the bathroom ceiling.

As they scrambled to stop the leak and make the bathroom usable for their teenage kids, Jordan glanced over at Nancy, forced a smile and said, “Well, at least we have good homeowners insurance.”

However, all smiles faded two days later after the insurance adjuster’s visit. The couple’s homeowner’s insurance policy paid for some of the expense to fix the bathroom, but not all of it, and it paid nothing for the damage to the couple’s roof.

Sound familiar?  How many times have you heard people complain that they had a claim and things they thought were covered weren’t or they thought they should have been paid more? What does your adjuster know that you don’t, and how could the couple have avoided this situation? Read more


Meet Shane Puyear: A Banker Who Saves Lives

Shane Puyear

Shane Puyear

Early morning meetings can be a real challenge for all of us at times.

A few weeks ago, Shane Puyear, manager of our Dillon bank, wasn’t able to make an early morning meeting.

For many of us, this might happen if we oversleep or simply forget.  For Shane, though, his reason was much more intriguing.

Just after midnight, he was called to search for a lost snowmobiler. You see, Shane is a member of Beaverhead Search and Rescue, which covers Beaverhead County – the largest county in the state, located in southwest Montana – encompassing 5,542 square miles.

To give a bit of perspective, Beaverhead County is 4.5 times larger than the state of Rhode Island, which covers 1,212 square miles.  This county also contains the Beaverhead-Deer Lodge National Forest and shares a border with Idaho and Wyoming. This vast area is beautiful, remote and a location that people from other parts of the country dream about visiting.

Growing up in Dillon, Shane was well aware of Beaverhead Search and Rescue. When he was hired to manage our Dillon Bank, he was excited to return home to the part of Montana he loves. Getting involved with Search and Rescue was a natural fit for this outdoorsman. Read more