San Antonio

Giving Back: My Virtual Lunch Break in San Antonio

David DennisPost written by David Dennis, Legal Counsel

I recently had one of the most energizing and inspiring lunch breaks I can remember. It had nothing to do with the cuisine or, say, a mid-day quadruple-shot espresso.

No, from my office in Billings, Montana, I met with and advised a group of budding entrepreneurs—high school students, actually—in San Antonio, Texas.

As we all remember or have witnessed with our own children, high school is a challenging and stressful time for kids. They experience incredible emotional and intellectual growth, all while trying to plan and prepare for the looming post-high school world.

Sadly, however, America suffers from a monumental disconnect between businesses and educational institutions. Seventeen-year-old kids are expected to make significant decisions regarding their future, yet, short of fast-food restaurants and retail clothing stores, most have little-to-no interaction or exposure to the working world to guide them in planning their future. Read more